Monday, April 27, 2009

Faslane, Devonport and nuclear leaks

Faslane, near Glasgow.

The UK has a base for nuclear submarines at Plymouth, Devonport, in England.

The UK's Trident submarines are based at Faslane, near Glasgow, in Scotland.

According to a recently revealed report, released under the Freedom of Information Act, all the UK's nuclear submarines may, within six years, be based in Scotland, at a base where there have been many nuclear leaks. (Submarine move detailed in report /Radioactive leaks from the Faslane naval base)

The increasingly popular Scottish National party is anti-nuclear.

This means that elections in Scotland will have to be rigged by the spooks.

According to the BBC, nuclear-powered submarines at Plymouth's naval base could be relocated to Scotland.

The confidential Ministry of Defence (MoD) report suggests that in six years Faslane in Scotland will be the UK's only nuclear submarine base.

It suggests the three nuclear submarines currently based at Devonport would be transferred up to Faslane.

On 27 April 2009, The UK's Channel 4 News reported on: Radioactive leaks from the Faslane naval base

"Britain's Trident submarine fleet is accused of behaving 'above the law' after a secret series of radioactive leaks and hazardous practices at its base were revealed by Channel 4 News.

"Nuclear discharges, safety fears and concerns over poor maintenance at the Faslane naval base in Scotland were so acute experts say it should have been closed down, a Channel 4 News investigation has found."

Details of the nuclear breaches were revealed thanks to a series of Freedom of Information (FoI) requests.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) base, 25 miles west of Glasgow, operates outside of civilian law.

So, regulators have been unable to enforce sanctions.

Angus Robertson, SNP defence spokesman, said: "It is totally horrifying. We have now learned that we have had nuclear leaks at the Clyde for years.

"It is not just one case it is a whole series. The MoD should be answerable to the public authorities that regulate that. It has not done that. It thinks it is above the law."

According to the previously secret FoI documents, three radioactive leaks have taken place at Faslane, in the past six years.

John Large, a consultant nuclear engineer who has advised the MoD on radioactive safety, said: "If this was a nuclear power station it would have been shut down. We've had discharges that would be totally intolerable in a civil nuclear plant."



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