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"THE campaign of abuse waged by Jimmy Savile extended to Scotland, where he is alleged to have committed five offences.

"The report detailing the scale and breadth of offending by the late BBC personality found two allegations made against him relate to the Strathclyde Police area, one to Lothian and Borders, one to Grampian and one to Fife.

"But of the 13 NHS hospitals and one hospice where Savile was accused of committing his crimes, none was in Scotland.

"The report mentions the presenter’s cottage in Glen Coe in the Highlands as being a property linked to Savile but does not say whether any offences took place there..."

Jimmy Savile scandal: Five Scottish cases in the dossier of shame

Edinburgh. Crossed Wires ?

In Scotland, as many as 40 'care workers' were involved in abusing children at a school for vulnerable youngsters, called Kerelaw Residential Unit. ('Up to 40 staff' abused ...)

According to a report published on 29 May 2009, more than 100 children have ‘died while in the care of Scots councils since 2000’

"When she was nine - or thereabouts - she (Elizabeth McWilliams) was raped by the man Quarriers called her house father. 'He took his chance,' she said matter-of-factly.

"Some children complained of abuse.

"That had consequences. 'Boys,' she said. 'Well, they were hung up on door hangersand their penises tied to doorhandles.'"

Quarriers Homes is a Christian community.

These are the voices that need to be heard

Helen Holland was sent to Nazareth House in Kilmarnock, a children's home run by nuns.

At Nazareth House, Helen was raped by a priest.

"When she was eight, a nun pulled a hood over her head to help a priest rape her. The sexual abuse went on for three years until, aged 11, she fell pregnant. The same nun kicked her in the stomach until she miscarried."

She was 'beaten to a pulp' by a nun.

There was abuse at many other homes (The landmark cases: abuse in children's homes )

At St Ninians: "In 2003 Michael Murphy, 69, formerly known as Brother Benedict, a monk with the de la Salle order, was jailed for two years on ten charges of physical abuse during the 1960s, including torturing pupils with an electric shock device, force-feeding them vomit and whipping them with knotted boot laces."

Scottish Establishment Paedophile Ring Exposed 


Blogger Young Werther said...

What's surfacing is quite unbelievable and so sad. Recall watching Savile on TV and his depravity was just not evident.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Newspaceman said...

Hiya, do you know if the Quarriers here is related to the one that Prince William visited last week ?

thanks, brian

11:31 AM  
Blogger Anon said...

It is the same Quarriers.


10:44 PM  

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