Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The Dunblane school shootings are linked to a pedophile ring involving top people.

'Covering up paedophile scandal?'...

Is there a link between the Connecticut shootings and child abuse rings?

In 2011, "Operation Rescue" rescued 230 sexually abused children.

The abusers included teachers.

"Arrests so far have been made in ... Connecticut."

Some of the children were as young as seven.

Massive pedophile ring busted; 230 kids saved - US news

"Some Columbine victims’ family members suspect that Sheriff Sullivan was involved in a “butt rape” incident involving the alleged Columbine shooters."

Who really killed the Connecticut children?

Remember Thomas Hamilton?

The UK's George Robertson was Secretary General of NATO.

Reportedly, on 13 March 1996, in Dunblane in Scotland, Thomas Hamilton, armed with four hand-guns, opened fire on a junior school class, killing 16 children.

"Lord Robertson was the referee on Thomas Hamilton's shotgun licence."

('Blair covering up paedophile scandal?'

It has been suggested that Thomas Hamilton was a brainwashed patsy and that the real shooters were working for the security services.

In the Dunblane shootings, "none of the survivors would have been able to obtain a good viewing of the gunman.

"Most of those that did see the gunman would have immediately associated him with the figure of Thomas Hamilton that lay dead within the gymnasium after the massacre. That is the way the mind works."

The Murder of Thomas Hamilton | Dunblane Exposed




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