Monday, November 19, 2012


Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond has had to apologise to the Scottish parliament for providing incorrect figures on further education college funding.

Alex Salmond supported Fred Goodwin in the Royal Bank of Scotland's bid to take over ABN-Amro.

The take over led to the bank’s collapse.

Brian Monteith: Embarrassing lack of competence on show from SNP - Scotsman

Alex Salmond reportedly lobbied in favour of Rupert Murdoch’s bid for control of BSkyB.

Alex Salmond supported Donald Trump in locating a controversial golf course in Scotland.

Alex Salmond "misled Andrew Neil on television about having legal advice about an independent Scotland being able to stay in the European Union – when he had no advice at all."

Salmond went to court to prevent economic advice on the impact of his Local Income Tax being revealed.

Alex Salmond's SNP appears to be part of the cover up on Lockerbie.

Nicola Sturgeon had to apologise to parliament for writing a letter asking that a convicted fraudster’s sentence be moderated.

"So to have to apologise in public yet again is to contribute to a growing sense that the SNP administration is reaching the point when competence disappears and credibility evaporates."

Continued here: Brian Monteith: Embarrassing lack of competence on show from SNP

Adil Bhatti, with SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon

Adil Bhatti "has been credited with building SNP support in the Asian community - particularly in Sturgeon’s Glasgow Govan constituency, where he was a former branch secretary.

Adil Bhatti has quit the SNP.

In his resignation letter, Bhatti wrote: "The events of the last few days and weeks have led me to lose my faith in the SNP, my trust of the leadership and questioned my support for independence.

"The decision on NATO was not a decision made on principle but a cynical and manipulative attempt to win votes."

Alex Salmond's SNP voted for the 'No Fly Zone' which led to NATO's destruction of Libya.