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Scotland's population is about the same size as that of Israel, but it has the potential to be very much richer than Israel..

The latest estimate of Scotland's population is 5,254,800, a rise of 0.6% on 2010.

Herald Scotland / Baby boom: Scotland's population hits record high

Before the Scottish National Party (SNP) came to power, there was a worry that Scotland's population would fall below five million.

The SNP appears to have made Scotland more attractive, and a number of people from England have fled up North to Scotland.

There are regional variations.

Inverclyde, associated with the Labour Party, has seen a near 6% fall in population.

Perth and Kinross, now SNP territory, has seen the number of inhabitants rise by 11%.

Most of Scotland now votes SNP (Yellow on map)

Currently, Scotland has a government with very limited powers.
What is the case for full independence?
1. An independent Scotland would be the sixth wealthiest country on earth. According to the OECD.
2. Scotland has 25% of europe’s potential for wind and wave energy. We can export this!
3. Scotland has five good universities.
4. If Scotland got back what it sent south in tax, official figures show every Scot would have £510 more a year…" 
5. Scotland, like Denmark, New Zealand, Norway and Finland, is a goldilocks country – not too big and not too small. 


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Scotland has 15 great universities!

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