Friday, May 04, 2012


Michael Scott - The Sleepers

At 4pm on 4 May 2012, the SNP are ahead of Labour in the local council elections.


SNP 353 +40

LAB 314 +44

CON 97 -15

LD 52 -55

OTH 148 -13

After 27 of 32 councils declared

Council results in full

The SNP claimed most seats across the 32 authorities.

But a strong Labour performance saw the party winning in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

AND, the Scottish local elections: are not good enough news for the SNP

According to John Curtice:

"The SNP did see record gains, and despite the use of proportional representation, captured overall control of Dundee and Angus, where their prospects had always looked bright.

"Yet not only did the SNP fail to capture Glasgow, they even failed to come close to being the largest party.

"Meanwhile, when the BBC put some of the detailed voting figures for Scotland's largest councils together and compared the nationalist performance with what happened 12 months ago, the nationalist vote was found to be as much as 14 points down.

"As a result Salmond, who has been somewhat battered and bruised during the last week as a result of his apparent willingness to be cosy with Rupert Murdoch, now no longer looks like a man who can necessarily command all before him."


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