Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Angus Robertson.

In the UK parliament, Angus Struan Carolus Robertson is the Scottish National Party (SNP) Member of Parliament for Moray.

In the UK parliament, Robertson is the SNP Parliamentary Leader and Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Defence.

Robertson voted against the Iraq War, against Trident nukes, and against the anti-terror laws.

But, he supports the 'no-fly' zone over Libya, which involves the bombing of Libya and the killing of civilians.

Robertson was born in London and his mother is German.

He speaks fluent German. (Angus Robertson - Wikipedia)

He worked as a foreign and diplomatic correspondent in Central Europe for the BBC, which is believed to be run by MI6.

He is a participant in the Parliamentary Armed Forces Scheme, which gives Members of Parliament experience of the armed forces, and which is sponsored by arms manufacturers.



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