Monday, August 02, 2010


Good and bad news about Scotland.

Scots firms are outdoing their FTSE rivals

The rate of new business start-ups in Scotland is outstripping the rest of the UK.


Scotland is among world’s worst for drug abuse

And, the Scottish NHS is not the envy of the world

Many Scottish hospitals provide poor food and dirty toilets.

Not all Scottish nurses are kind and efficient.

Some medical staff should be sacked. (Consultant: most locum doctors not fit to treat my mother)

Often it appears that nobody is in charge.

There are too many administrators and not enough doctors.

You may find better hospitals in Asia than you find in Scotland.

In The Herald, on 2 August 2010, Andrew McKie reminds us that the National Health Service, in Scotland, accounts for one third of public spending.

What about survival rates in Scottish hospitals?

In 2008 the British Medical Journal studied age-adjusted five-year survival rates in all European countries.

Scotland came bottom out of all the European countries.

According to Andrew McKie, the Scottish National Health Service tends 'to operate for the benefit of those who work within it, rather than those who use its services.'

McKie asks: "Why should those who can afford it not pay for the 'hotel' aspects of their hospital stays – meals, laundry and so on?

"Why should we not pay, as we do the dentist and the optician, a modest fee for an appointment with a GP?

"The poorest, of course, would simply sign a form declaring that they are exempt...

"Other countries do it better than us. Might we learn something from them?"

'Our patients deserve better'


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