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If there is no justice in the Lockerbie case, and Scotland is seen as being a corrupt little colony, then it's the end of the Scottish National Party

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On 18 August 2009, the High Court in Edinburgh, Scotland, allowed Al Megrahi to drop his appeal.

Does this mean that the High Court has no interest in finding the truth about the Lockerbie bomb?

The Reverend John Mosey, who lost his daughter in the bombing, described the decision to allow the appeal to be dropped as a "very sad day for Scottish justice".

(Appeal dropped / Bomber 'will die a convicted man')

Lockerbie could decide the fate of Scotland and the fate of the Scottish National Party.

If there is no justice in the Lockerbie case, then Scotland will be written off as a corrupt little colony.

If there is no justice in the Lockerbie case, and Scotland is seen as being a corrupt little colony, then there is no point in having a Scottish National Party.

No doubt the spooks know this and are delighted.

The Scottish justice secretary can and should grant Al Megrahi compassionate release to spend his final days with his family.

And the Scottish government must take steps to ensure that there is justice.

From the http://lockerbiecase.blogspot.com/ we learn about:

A disastrous debut on the world stage

[This is the headline over an article in The Times by its columnist and Scottish Editor, Magnus Linklater. It reads in part:]

It is hard to overstate the three issues at the heart of the Lockerbie affair.

The first is compassion — for a man, who may be innocent, and is dying in prison.

The second is justice — the search for truth about a deadly act of terrorism.

The third is reputation — the probity and good name of a government seeking to balance all these against the need to do the right thing.

To sacrifice all three in the course of a week, while at the same time emerging as weak, indecisive, secretive and self-serving, is a quite spectacular achievement.

Yet that is what the Nationalist administration in Scotland has succeeded in doing in the course of its first important appearance on the international stage.


Where is Salmond on the Megrahi affair?

[This is the headline over an article by The Herald's Chief Scottish Political Correspondent, Robbie Dinwoodie. The following are excerpts:]

The Megrahi affair is the biggest tsunami to hit the Scottish Government in its young life, with an international impact which could sweep away belief in our legal system, and with that a plank of the whole case for independence.

In the Lockerbie Bombing (PanAm 103) case, it appears that the CIA and its friends arranged to have a 'timer' stolen from the Swiss firm of MEBO.

It appears that the security services then pretended that this 'timer' was the one used in the Lockerbie Bombing.

The Lockerbie Evidence must be revealed in court or in a public enquiry, or Scotland is dead.


aangirfan: The CIA's control of countries around the world


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