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The famous Joanna Lumley.

JM Barrie, in his memoirs published in 1904, wrote of Peter Pan:

“Our escapades in a certain Dumfries garden which was an enchanted land to me was certainly the genesis of this work.”

Joanna Lumley, the actress who recently became a hero to the Nepalese gurkhas, is now campaigning to save Moat Brae, the house in Dumfries which inspired Peter Pan.

Joanna might chain herself to the railings of Moat Brae, to prevent its demolition by a body called Loreburn Housing Association.

J M Barrie, a Scottish genius, famous worldwide.

Author J M Barrie first invented the characters in Peter Pan while playing in the gardens of Moat Brae.

Moat Brae Trust is the body trying to preserve the most famous building in Dumfries and Galloway.

The Peter Pan House

Help Save Moat Brae

"Moat Brae House was designed in 1823 for Robert Threshie of Barnbarroch, by Walter Newall, South West Scotland’s most distinguished architect.

"The house, Category B listed in 1961, is exceptionally fine – indeed of better quality than nearby A-listed houses in Castle Street, and some contemporary A-listed houses in the New Town of Edinburgh."

In 2008, Moat Brae was bought by Loreburn Housing Association.

Since then, "deliberately or at least through sheer negligence, wet and (particularly) dry rot have spread extensively, and thus the internal fabric of the house has been allowed to deteriorate dramatically.

"At no point has the local authority, though fully aware of the situation, served any repairs notice on the owners of this house.

"In May of this year, to the shock and dismay of the local community, Loreburn Housing Association announced their intention to demolish the house."

Where are the Scottish National Party in all this?

Andrew Wood hopes to be the SNP Member of Parliament for Dumfries and Galloway.

Wood spoke out after a meeting with Loreburn Housing Chief Executive Ahsan Khan and SNP candidate for the Euro elections Ian Hudgton on the future of the Moat Brae house. (Councillor says JM Barrie home fit for 'nothing but demolition ...)

Councillor Wood said it would be a “misuse of public funds” to save the house and the best solution would be to pull it down.

Our prediction: The Conservative Party will win Dumfries and Galloway.

Please email if you would like to become involved.

Help Save Moat Brae


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If there is no justice in the Lockerbie case, and Scotland is seen as being a corrupt little colony, then it's the end of the Scottish National Party

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On 18 August 2009, the High Court in Edinburgh, Scotland, allowed Al Megrahi to drop his appeal.

Does this mean that the High Court has no interest in finding the truth about the Lockerbie bomb?

The Reverend John Mosey, who lost his daughter in the bombing, described the decision to allow the appeal to be dropped as a "very sad day for Scottish justice".

(Appeal dropped / Bomber 'will die a convicted man')

Lockerbie could decide the fate of Scotland and the fate of the Scottish National Party.

If there is no justice in the Lockerbie case, then Scotland will be written off as a corrupt little colony.

If there is no justice in the Lockerbie case, and Scotland is seen as being a corrupt little colony, then there is no point in having a Scottish National Party.

No doubt the spooks know this and are delighted.

The Scottish justice secretary can and should grant Al Megrahi compassionate release to spend his final days with his family.

And the Scottish government must take steps to ensure that there is justice.

From the we learn about:

A disastrous debut on the world stage

[This is the headline over an article in The Times by its columnist and Scottish Editor, Magnus Linklater. It reads in part:]

It is hard to overstate the three issues at the heart of the Lockerbie affair.

The first is compassion — for a man, who may be innocent, and is dying in prison.

The second is justice — the search for truth about a deadly act of terrorism.

The third is reputation — the probity and good name of a government seeking to balance all these against the need to do the right thing.

To sacrifice all three in the course of a week, while at the same time emerging as weak, indecisive, secretive and self-serving, is a quite spectacular achievement.

Yet that is what the Nationalist administration in Scotland has succeeded in doing in the course of its first important appearance on the international stage.


Where is Salmond on the Megrahi affair?

[This is the headline over an article by The Herald's Chief Scottish Political Correspondent, Robbie Dinwoodie. The following are excerpts:]

The Megrahi affair is the biggest tsunami to hit the Scottish Government in its young life, with an international impact which could sweep away belief in our legal system, and with that a plank of the whole case for independence.

In the Lockerbie Bombing (PanAm 103) case, it appears that the CIA and its friends arranged to have a 'timer' stolen from the Swiss firm of MEBO.

It appears that the security services then pretended that this 'timer' was the one used in the Lockerbie Bombing.

The Lockerbie Evidence must be revealed in court or in a public enquiry, or Scotland is dead.


aangirfan: The CIA's control of countries around the world

Sunday, August 02, 2009


David Kerr

Scotland's Finance Secretary, John Swinney, has said (SNP to repeat call for oil fund):

"Adjusted for inflation, some £230bn pounds of tax revenue has come directly from Scottish territorial waters over the past 30 years.

"Including a geographical share of North Sea revenues, Scotland has been in current budget surplus for three years.

"The Treasury's own projections show the North Sea will remain a major source of tax revenue for years to come...

"The UK government has wasted the resources from the North Sea but there are hundreds of billions worth of reserves still to be recovered and we may only be at the halfway point in terms of revenues."


The following comes from the SNP (Glasgow North East must not be left without MP)

"Campaigning in the Glasgow North East constituency, SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP and Glasgow North East candidate David Kerr challenged Labour to set the by-election date before Westminster goes into recess on Tuesday.

It is now sixty days since the former MP, Speaker Michael Martin announced he was standing down but still no by-election date has been set.

In contrast, Labour MP Iain Gibson resigned his Norwich North seat on 5th June 2009 and the by-election will be held this Thursday – 48 days later.

In 2008, in the neighbouring constituency of Glasgow East, the by-election was held on July 24th – just 26 days after David Marshall stood down.

Campaigning during Glasgow Fair David Kerr said: "I'm deeply honoured to be given the chance to serve the people of Glasgow North East. I'll be working flat out between now and polling day to earn their trust – whenever Labour have the courage to call the by-election.

"Labour has until Tuesday to get their house in order, to move the writ and to call a by-election or the people of Glasgow North East will be left for five months without Westminster representation.

"This is one of only two constituencies to lose their MP as a result of Labour’s handling of Westminster’s expenses scandal. Voters in Norwich will have their say on Thursday, in Glasgow Labour expect people to wait until November - they are taking voters for granted.

"With local schools set to close and the threat of job losses at Port Dundas, a voice for this constituency is vital.

"Instead of facing up to the test and calling the by-election Labour seem to want to run and hide."

Joining Mr Kerr on the campaign trail, Nicola Sturgeon MSP added: "The SNP has a strong record in Glasgow and the SNP Scottish Government is working hard to protect jobs and communities in Glasgow North East through this recession with investment in skills and training as well as more police and funding for local services while Labour is shutting the schools that have formed the heart of communities for decades.

"Whatever Labour do, and whenever they call the by-election, I am confident that by working together the SNP and the people of Glasgow North East have what it takes to see this community thrive.""