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Does the CIA now control both Libya and Scotland?

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Does the CIA now control both Libya and Scotland?

It is being claimed, on 6 May 2009, that Al Megrahi has told a visiting Libyan official that he is willing to drop his appeal against his conviction and return to Libya.

Libya: Lockerbie bomber prepared to drop appeal

But, do we know what Al Megrahi really thinks?

Christine Grahame, an SNP member of the Scottish parliament, was due to meet Al Megrahi in Greenock prison around 2 May 2009, but prison chiefs suddenly cancelled the visit without explanation.

Visit to Lockerbie bomber 'blocked'

A Libyan Foreign Ministry official, Abdel Atti el-Ubaidi, declared that "Al-Megrahi said that he is ready to drop the appeal if he is guaranteed that he will be transferred to Libya."

El-Ubaidi said he had made his request to Scottish officials.

Scotland's government has confirmed that it has received the request, but has not commented on whether al-Megrahi would drop his appeal.

Scotland has said it would not send him back to Libya while his appeal was being heard.

Scotland's government said a decision could take three months, or possibly longer.

Journalists' calls to al-Megrahi's lawyers over a period of two weeks have not been returned.

Bid to transfer Lockerbie bomber

Salmond and Clinton

On 23 February 2009, Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington DC.

Did they discuss the Lockerbie Bombing?

Is the SNP going to support the US and UK governments in their attempt to cover up the truth about Lockerbie?

The government of Scotland is at present run by the Scottish National Party (SNP)

On 19 February 2009, The Mail on Sunday (Scotland) has a Lockerbie Bomb story, by Marcello Mega and Michael Tait, entitled:


The headline may be misleading, as it is the US and UK governments that want Al Megrahi to remain 'convicted' and to serve the rest of his sentence in Libya.

The US and UK governments may be trying to use the Lockerbie business to discredit the anti-war SNP.

The Mail made the following points:

1. SNP government officials have been involved in secret talks between the UK Foreign Office and Libyan officials.

These talks could lead to Al Megrahi being sent back to Libya.


2. Scotland's Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, instructed his top official, Robert Gordon, to play a key role in the negotiations.

3. The UK and US governments are keen to see Al Megrahi apply for a Prisoner Transfer Agreement.

This would mean that Al Megrahi would serve the rest of his sentence in Libya.

It is the SNP's Kenny MacAskill who would be responsible for organising a prisoner transfer of Al Megrahi.

(A Prisoner Transfer Agreement between the UK and Libya was ratified in April 2009.)

(The UK and US governments would like Al Megrahi to abandon his appeal against his conviction. An appeal could reveal evidence of CIA involvement in the Lockerbie bombing and could reveal that the CIA and the Scottish police faked evidence in the Lockerbie trial.)

4. Al Megrahi wants the appeal to go ahead so that he can clear his name.

(Al Megrahi's appeal against his conviction started in April 2009.)

5. "Sources close to the Libyan delegation... said Mr Gordon had given them every encouragement to push for a transfer.

"One said: 'He told them in fairly plain language that if an application came it would be granted.'"

According to the Mail on Sunday: "The planned appeal has the potential to humiliate the Crown Office and to expose conspiracy and dirty tricks involving UK and US intelligence agents and the Scottish police."


There is evidence that the SNP does not want a cover-up of the Lockerbie business.

1. On 3 February 2008, the Sunday Mail had a story entitled: SNP Fury Over Lockerbie Deal - The Sunday Mail :

A FURIOUS row was brewing last night after the agreement of a secret £450million oil deal that could send the Lockerbie bomber back to Libya.

Insiders claim the UK Government agreed to let Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi go home to save fuel giant BP's contract.

The Scottish Government last night demanded answers after the deal got the green light...

A spokesman for First Minister Alex Salmond said: "We opposed a prisoner transfer agreement which is open-ended and failed to secure the exclusion that the UK government pledged to seek...

Saad Djebbar, a Londonbased lawyer who has worked with the Libyans on the Lockerbie case, said: "The matter of Megrahi had delayed matters, not just for BP but all other commercial arrangements."

2. Leading SNP figure Alex Neil has stressed the importance of holding an appeal trial as quickly as possible.

"Mr Neil has called on the Crown Office to bring forward the trial of the Libyan ... and to ensure no further delays take place." (UK National News - SNP Calls For Lockerbie Bomber Trial To Be ...)

3. Reportedly, Alex Salmond does not want a cover up.

"ALEX Salmond picked his first major fight with Westminster ... over a British government deal which he feared could involve the transfer of the Lockerbie bomber to Libya." - SNP-Westminster feud flares over Lockerbie bomber - The Scotsman



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