Monday, February 09, 2009

Indygal and Bashir Ahmad

Indygal writes:

"An entire homeless hostel in the middle of Glasgow had voted.

"100% turnout from them which was surprising in itself given the nomadic nature of folk who are unfortunate enough to have to live in hostels.

"Not just surprising but really rather remarkable given that no other street / unit / area had anything like 100% turnout.

"So you'd want to check the marked up register for these and other reasons. Won't be able to do that with Glenrothes now will we?" - Missing by election registers - surely not!

"Anne McLaughlin, a senior Scottish National party activist in Glasgow, blogs under the name Indygal, attracting a loyal following with her eclectic diet of posts on council tax rates, her cat, Puss, and tart dissections of Labour opponents.

"McLaughlin is poised to enter Holyrood after the sudden death from a heart attack on Friday of Scotland's first and only non-white MSP, Bashir Ahmad, who had joined Holyrood in 2007." - Scottish political blogger Indygal set to become nationalists ...


In early February 2009, Scotland's first Muslim MSP Bashir Ahmad died in Glasgow, aged 68.

First Minister Alex Salmond said Ahmad was the kindest, most decent human being he had ever met.

After a successful business career, Mr Ahmad represented the SNP on Glasgow Council and in May 2007 he was elected to the Scottish Parliament.



Report: Glasgow University Occupation


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