Monday, August 11, 2008

SNP mock Labour's 'invisible' leadership contenders

SNP mock Labour's 'invisible' leadership contenders

According to a news story in The Times, 10 August 2008:

"The scale of the task facing the Scottish Labour leadership contenders in their attempts to reconnect with the public was made clear yesterday after an opinion poll showed that they are largely unknown among voters.

"With little over four weeks to go until the leader is announced 76 per cent said they know little or nothing of Iain Gray, 62 per cent know little or nothing of Andy Kerr, while the equivalent figure for Cathy Jamieson is 38 per cent, prompting the Opposition to dismiss the contest as the “battle of the invisibles”.

"Despite all three contenders for the post of Scottish Labour leader having served as ministers in Holyrood, they appear to be facing an uphill battle to become political heavyweights.

"Mr Gray, who is emerging as the frontrunner in the contest, was the least well known of the trio."


Iain Gray was educated at George Watson's, one of Edinburgh's famous private schools.


"Scotland's justice minister Cathy Jamieson strongly denied helping a relative evade the law.

"While the Labour MSP transferred £100 to the bank account of nephew Derek Hyslop - who was on the run from police at the time - in July 1999, she has stated that she had no idea he was wanted by police.

"Hyslop, a drug addict who had just killed a woman in a robbery in Derby, was later jailed for manslaughter. Jamieson said the money was meant for her nephew’s baby."



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