Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Glasgow East - Labour can only win by using postal vote fraud?

'Less than 1000 votes' separate Labour and SNP in Glasgow East by-election.' - Down to the wire

The ComRes survey for the Independent on Sunday puts Labour on 24% (down 2%). - Further poll blow for Labour

"The Daily Mail poll contradicts the private canvass returns that have been telling both Labour and the SNP that Thursday night will be close; very close." - The last lap

Steven Glover, at the Daily Mail, 23 July 2008, ( Is Glasgow East going to be New Labour's graveyard?) sums up the situation in Glasgow East:

"In the 2005 General Election Labour won more than 60 per cent of the vote in Glasgow East, the SNP a mere 17 per cent.

"For the Scots Nats even to come close to beating Labour in what is almost literally its own backyard would underline the amazing political realignment taking place in Scotland...

"I went to Shettleston Road... many of the shops ... are shuttered and closed... The older men are thin, almost emaciated. Their faces look pallid and unhealthy, and they usually don't have any teeth...

"A surprising number of people, young and old, assure... (Nicola Sturgeon) that they will vote SNP...

"I went knocking on doors with Margaret Curran (Labour)... At one stage some of our party are attacked... with raw eggs, and Mrs Curran has to take shelter in a friendly house."


Labour can only win Glasgow East by using postal vote fraud?

Margaret Curran first became politically active in the University of Glasgow Labour Club in the late 1970s.

In 1980 she was vice-chair of the Labour Club but reportedly resigned following allegations of involvement in an attempt to rig the conference of the National Organisation of Labour Students. (Margaret Curran (politician) )



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