Monday, April 28, 2008

Scottish Lords

1. Lord Laidlaw is a top Scottish Tory (Conservative Party). He is worth £730 million.

According to The News Of The World, 27 April 2008, Lord Laidlaw "regularly flies hookers out to Monte Carlo for cocaine-fuelled bondage romps".

(VICE: Tory lord confesses to wild sex orgy with 4 vice girls)

Reportedly there have been "all-night orgies of spanking, bondage and lesbian lust".

Reportedly a male gigolo joined Laidlaw "in Monte Carlo's luxurious Hermitage Hotel for an anything-goes night of shame".

Reportedly, Laidlaw "liked to watch the male model, called Ben."

Watch Lord Laidlaw vice girl video

READ: Lord Laidlaw’s letter of confession to the News of the World

According to the News Of The World, one of the Madams Laidlaw does business with is called Sara. She helps run London escort agency Role Models.

"Sara has a string of international models plus well-known British actresses and TV presenters on her books, secretly working as part-time escorts," writes The News Of The World."

Sara said Laidlaw "liked her to send a selection of men over to see him".

Laidlaw was one of the donors to the Conservative Party who were questioned by police investigating 'cash for peerages" claims.

Reportedly, Laidlaw and wife Christine have a £4million vineyard near St Tropez, a £3million apartment in Monte Carlo, a £10 million estate near Cape Town, South Africa, a £2million home in London's Eaton Square, a Scottish mansion called The Royal Palace, and a £14million stately home in Hampshire.

Treaty of Union

2. James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry was very influential in bringing about the Treaty of Union in 1707.

The same evening the 2nd Duke was signing the Act of Union, his son, the Earl of Drumlanrig, is said to have roasted a servant boy on a spit in an oven in the kitchens of his house in Edinburgh. (Cached Cached)

3. Lord Carloway is a Scottish judge.

(Scottish judges are controversial - Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked / aangirfan: Aamer Anwar, Mohammed Siddique and Scotland's ...)

In 2007, Lord Carloway asked his fellow judges to investigate top Scottish defence solicitor Aamer Anwar after Anwar criticised the conviction of Mohammed Atif Siddique.

Anwar described some of the evidence against Siddique as "farcical" and said the trial had been conducted in an atmosphere of intolerance and repression against Muslims. The conviction was a "tragedy for justice and for freedom of speech." ( Judge calls for trial of terror case lawyer UK news The Guardian )

At Siddique's trial, computer expert Michael Dickson gave evidence about Siddique's laptop computer.

According to

"The reason Dickson was upset has been erased from this version of the story, but his testimony pointed out that the incriminating videos found on the laptop all had creation dates LATER than the time the laptop was confiscated from the suspect!

"He told the court: 'An initial examination of this system revealed it was last activated between approximately 2219 BST and 2330 BST on 5 April 2006. This immediately struck us as being unusual as we were informed that the computer had been seized from the accused's possession at about 2000 BST the same date.'

"Mr Dickson said further examination revealed that the times and dates associated with more than 200 files on the system had been updated between these times."

Siddique was found guilty of providing training material on bomb-making and spreading terrorist propaganda on websites. He was given 8 years in jail. Anwar said Siddique was merely doing "what millions of young people do every day, looking for answers on the internet".

According to The Sunday Herald, 27 April 2008, (Legal luminaries defend Aamer Anwar):

"The most celebrated names in the English legal establishment have savaged the Scottish justice system for undermining human rights and freedom of speech through threats to prosecute the Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar for contempt of court in the wake of a terror trial."

Anwar faces being charged with contempt.

Gareth Peirce, who defended the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four, said the treatment of Anwar went against United Nations conventions which guarantee the independence of lawyers. (Legal luminaries defend Aamer Anwar)

Imran Khan, the London solicitor who acted for the family of Stephen Lawrence, said: "There should be no attempt to silence lawyers. If lawyers can't speak out then one of the bedrocks of justice - the right to highlight a miscarriage of justice - just goes. I could never anticipate such a thing happening in England. From across the border, this all seems bizarre. I hope common sense prevails."

Michael Mansfield, one of the top five QCs in England, said: "We need independent strong lawyers who will speak out."

Baroness Helena Kennedy said: "This is exactly the sort of thing a young lawyer does when they are describing what their client felt. To take it to the stage of contempt of court is excessive."

Rudolf Hess

4. The Duke of Buccleuch

(Sources :

The Duke of Buccleuch and Prince George, Duke of Kent, were allegedly involved in a plot with Rudolf Hess and MI6.

In 1941 there was a large 'peace party' in Britain which allegedly included many aristocrats such as the Duke of Buccleuch, many MPs, many members of the security services and members of the Royal Family.

The 'peace party' wanted to do a deal with Hitler. Some members of the 'peace party' admired the Nazis; some did not. Prince George, Duke of Kent, was reportedly a member of the group that wanted peace.

Lynn Picknett writes: "in 1942 the Duke of Kent was acting as political advisor for George VI... It wasn’t so much that he was pro-Nazi or sucking up to Hitler; he was simply pro-peace.'

Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-up' by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince & Stephen Prior argues that:

1. Hess flew to Scotland in 1941 with Hitler's blessing.

2. Hess was to meet with a faction of British royalty and the aristocracy who wanted to arrange peace between Britain and Nazi Germany.

Hess is reported to have landed at the Duke of Hamilton's home at Dungavel House.

According to one account, 'two Czech Hurricane pilots who intercepted a lone Messerschmitt heading towards the'Firth of Clyde on the evening of May 10 were told not to attack it...

'A member of the Womens Auxiliary air Force, stationed that night at Dungavel House, remembers the landing lights on the Duke's private airstrip being on, shortly before Hess's plane crashed, despite blackout regulations.'

The Duke of Kent was said to have been at Dungavel, waiting for Hess. The Duke of Kent was involved in a motoring accident with a coal lorry the next morning not far from Dungavel House. His passenger was the Duke of Buccleuch, 'well known for his anti-war, pro-German sentiments prior to 1939'.

According to 'Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up':

1. Churchill and his faction got to Hess first when his plane landed and locked him up, even though Hess had been guaranteed safe passage by King George VI.

2. It is possible that the Duke of Kent rescued Hess and tried to fly to Sweden to continue secret peace negotiations.

3. The Duke's plane crashed approximately two miles from where Hess was kept on the shores of Loch More. Hess may have died in the plane crash. The plane crash may not have been accidental.To many members of the 'peace party', the real enemy was the Soviet Union. They wanted Hitler to wage war on Stalin.

The Duke of Buccleuch was put under virtual "house arrest" for the remainder of the war.

Clive Prince writes: 'Churchill was in a very, very insecure position politically in May 1941. In fact, three days before Hess arrived, there had been a vote of no-confidence in Churchill. He didn’t have the support of the aristocracy or the support of MI6 and the King. But the Hess affair basically gave Churchill the opportunity to blackmail his opponents who were involved with the Hess flight into supporting him...

"He also used the Hess flight to ensure that Hitler went ahead with his attack on Russia six weeks after Hess arrived...."

"We’re certain that MI6 was totally involved in the Hess affair - they weren’t luring him over: they were inviting him over. This was because MI6 were supportive of the idea of ending the War with Germany. MI6 saw the real enemy as being Russia. Sir Stuart Menzies - the head of MI6 - advised Churchill to stay out of things and let the Nazis and the Russians get on with it.."

Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas

5. Viscount Drumlanrig

( Source: )

A new biography of Oscar Wilde claims that Wilde's trial and imprisonment was a cover up for a gay affair between the Prime Minister, the Earl of Rosebery, and Viscount Drumlanrig.

The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde, by Neil McKenna, suggests that the prime minister, the Earl of Rosebery, had a gay relationship for over two years with Viscount Drumlanrig, the older brother of Wilde’s own lover, Lord Alfred Douglas.

McKenna told the Sunday Times that, “Oscar was sacrificed to save Rosebery and the Liberals.”

The book says that the Marquess of Queensbury, the father of Drumlanrig and Douglas, was so furious that both his sons were gay that he threatened to reveal the PM’s own homosexuality.

Wilde’s trial was rushed through in order to “buy off” Queensbury and save the PM’s reputation, although Queensbury later called him “a Jew nancy boy” and “that bloody bugger”.

The book also suggests that the relationship between Rosebery and Drumlanrig was instrumental to Drumlanrig being made the PM`s private secretary and eventually a Lord.

The Sunday Times quotes Philip Hoare, who has himself written a biography on Wilde, as saying that McKenna’s theory was realistic, as he believed Wilde had been a political pawn. “The Liberals saw Wilde, as it were, taking all this decadence to the suburbs. They needed to stop it.” It also mentions Wilde’s grandson, Merlin Holland opinion that “Queensbury had lost one son to this ‘unmentionable vice’ and didn’t want another lost.”


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Time to sack Fred Goodwin of Royal Bank of Scotland?

Fred Goodwin is chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Fred Goodwin's mother was German Jewish. (Fred Goodwin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Shares in the Royal bank of Scotland have just halved in value.

In 2004, the Observer reported that Goodwin was in line to earn an £8 million bonus. (RBS's Goodwin in line for £8m bonus Business The Observer ). His salary was reported as being around £3.5 million.

The bank owns a Dassault Falcon 900 jet worth £17.5m for the use of Goodwin. (RBS's Goodwin in line for £8m bonus)

Back in 1990, while working for Touche Ross, Goodwin was chief operating officer of the worldwide liquidation of Bank of Credit and Commerce International .

According to an article at Wikipedia: "RBS has been involved in an increasing number of environmental and human rights controversies since Sir Fred Goodwin took the helm in 2001.

"RBS is heavily involved in financing large oil, gas and mining projects world-wide that environmental organizations like BankTrack, PLATFORM , Pacific Environment, The Cornerhouse, and Rainforest Action Network call 'dodgy deals' that they say severely damage the environment and local communities, and that contribute significantly to climate change.

"A profile by BankTrack tracks RBS financing of corporations involved in the production of uranium weapons, as well as the controversial Baku-T’blisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline transecting Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, the Sakhalin II oil and gas scheme in eastern Russia, the Freeport McMoRan mine in Indonesia, Sinopec oil and gas in Burma, the Dynegy coal fired power plant and mountaintop removal coal mining in the US." - Fred Goodwin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


"Sir Tom McKillop and Sir Fred Goodwin, chairman and chief executive of RBS, may be responsible for the biggest absolute reduction in shareholder value in Scottish corporate history.

"How did they 'arise' to this accolade; by irresponsible lending in bubble markets, by paying a grossly inflated price for a major European bank during the biggest financial squeeze for 40 years and by becoming the last of the big spenders on head offices and advertising.

"Sir Fred has shredded the RBS share price and his chairman has presided over it. Both will, no doubt, put it down to the worldwide credit crunch. It's not – it is down to poor management." - ROBIN RAE - RBS chiefs at fault


"Among banks that have capital concerns are Barclays and HBOS, which JP Morgan reckons will need £8 billion and £11 billion respectively." - Look Ma, no capital


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The following was found on a laptop computer bought at a market in the east end of a certain city.

Report of the meeting held on 1 April 2008 at Erewhon House.

Colonel S - Our Embassy in London reports that Scotland may break away from the United Kingdom and become a rich little oil state like Norway.

As you all know, we have an interest in Scotland's military bases and in its oil.

We have invited Colonel J to update us on plans to destabilise Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party.

Colonel J - Gentlemen, we have a number of assets within the Scottish media. They will be presenting Salmond and his party as friends of the 'terrorists'.

Colonel S - Salmond is against the Iraq War. That doesn't make him a terrorist.

Colonel J - Salmond's government in Edinburgh has been praised by Iran for its anti-war stance.

So we get our friends in the Scottish press to present Salmond as a friend of the terrorists who kill Scottish soldiers in Iraq.

Salmond is to be seen as a friend of the mullahs and an enemy of the West.

Colonel S - Just how much money does Scotland get from England?

Colonel J - Scotland actually pays its own way and could become the third richest state in Europe. At least half the oil is still left.

However, we want to get our journalist friends to get across the message that an independent Scotland would be so poor that it would be seeking economic help from countries like Venezuela or North Korea.

Colonel S - What's the Moslem situation in Scotland?

Colonel J - There's 60,000 of them and they're mainly from a moderate part of the Indian sub-continent. However, we have some Moslems recruited to our organisation.

Mr Osama bin Liner - I think we need to mention the Caliphate and Sharia law.

Colonel S - Just refresh our memories.

Mr Osama bin Liner - The Caliphate was the old Turkish Empire, which collapsed in 1924. It was a bit like the European Union, a mixture of peoples.

Colonel S - The Caliphate is unlikely to be revived?

Mr Osama bin Liner - I cannot see the Turks joining up with the Kurds; or the Moroccans with the Algerians; or the Shias with the Sunnis; or the Malaysians with the Indonesians.

Colonel S - What's your view on Sharia?

Mr Osama bin Liner - The aim of Sharia is supposed to be a peaceful society where there is the freedom to practise religion. The old Turkish empire was actually quite civilised and tolerant. However we can emphasise the eccentricities of those extremists we keep in power in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

Colonel J - There is a certain Scottish Moslem called Mr Ali Baba.

Osama bin Liner - Ali Baba has spoken out strongly against terrorists and terrorism.

Colonel J - Ali Baba has spoken in favour of the idea of a caliphate, a sort of Moslem common market. Ali Baba has links to an organisation which has links to the Moslem Brotherhood.

Colonel S - We have friends in the Muslim Brotherhood, of course. They have helped us topple certain leaders. So, tell us more about Ali baba.

Colonel J - Ali Baba might just become the Scottish National Party Memeber of parliament for the Scottish constituency of Kelvinistan.

Colonel S - Ah, can we discredit the Scottish National party because it has a Moslem as a candidate?

Mr Osama bin Liner - The Labour Party has Mohammad Sarwar as its Moslem Member of Parliament for Glasgow Central. His son Anas Sarwar hopes to follow his father.

Colonel S - Are we thinking here of some terror incident that can be blamed on someone in an important position within the Scottish National Party?

Colonel J - We have ...


TOM GALLAGHER: Salmond must shun Iran

Tom Gallagher is a research fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington DC


"Lord Patel's advice to Alex Salmond is ...Don't go for solitary walks in the countryside." - The CIA don't like Alex Salmond - their mouthpiece Tom Gallagher carries the message of his paymasters


Friday, April 11, 2008

Peter Pan's Neverland is up for sale

Moat Brae in Dumfries which inspired Peter Pan. (

In London, the house where JM Barrie is believed to have written Peter Pan is up for sale for £6.75m.

"The six-bedroom Victorian property in central London is opposite Kensington Gardens, where James Matthew Barrie met five boys who inspired his creation."

(Peter Pan house up for sale News Books, January 14, 2008.)

Meanwhile, in Dumfries in Scotland, the house and garden which helped to inspire Peter Pan is to be put up for sale.

It may not cost much more than £80,000.

(BBC NEWS Scotland South of Scotland Buyer sought for Peter ... /icDumfries - Moat Brae back on market )

Barrie used to play 'pirates' in the gardens of Moat Brae in Dumfries as a child.

Moat Brae, a grade B listed building, was previously sold at auction in November 2000 for £80,000.

Image:Michael Llewelyn Davies as Peter Pan.jpg

Moat Brae has lain empty for the past eight years and has been vandalised.

Windows, mirrors, baths, sinks, and a chandelier have been smashed.

Constable Iain Aird, of the notorious (Lockerbie investigation) Dumfries and Galloway police, said: "It seems that youngsters have been breaking in and hanging about in the property and over a few weeks the building has sustained a substantial amount of damage."

The damage began in November 2002 and by January 2003, £200,000 worth of damage had been done. Where were the police? (BBC NEWS Scotland Peter Pan house vandalised)

Barrie moved to Dumfries in 1873 at the age of 13.

Two of his friends lived at Moat Brae.

"Our escapades in a certain Dumfries garden which was an enchanted land to me was certainly the genesis of this work," he wrote, in 1904, about Peter Pan.

Dumfries is a poor, almost 'ThirdWorld' town. It needs world-class tourist attractions. And Peter Pan is known worldwide.

Perhaps the Scottish Government will buy Moat Brae and turn it into a major world-class tourist attraction, like the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal.