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Runrig - an Ubhal as aired

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Scots share the title as most convivial nation on earth with the "lovely and warm" Fijians, the "awesome" Samoans, the "spectacularly hospitable" Turks, the "incredibly easygoing and quick to smile" Thais and the Malawians whom, the guide claims, reside in the "warm heart of Africa". - Welcome is smiles better in Scotland

"Agents from MI5 and Special Branch infiltrated the party as part of a campaign to undermine support for Scottish independence, the papers show." ScotsmanFiles prove that MI5 spied on SNP

"Will the media finally cover this extraordinary affair? Perhaps. In France, Le Figaro has published a couple of stories, one of which was entitled: 'And if Libya Was Innocent …' Television channel France 3 reported the story of the Lumpert affidavit. In the U.K., The Herald has picked up the latest developments in the story. The BBC has published a few lines about it. The London journal Private Eye is rumored to be running the story in its next edition. U.S. media remain amazingly silent." - Lockerbie Investigator Disputes Story

FBI offered me $4m: Lockerbie bomb witness

Revealed: CIA offered $2m to Lockerbie witness and brother

Key Lockerbie Witness Admits Perjury

'Secret' Lockerbie report claim

In 1994, Joel Bannerman, the publisher of an Israeli intelligence report wrote: "Twenty-four hours before the flight, Mossad tipped off the German BKA that there could be a plan to plant a bomb on flight 103. The BKA passed on their tip to the COREA CIA team working out of Frankfurt who said they would take care of everything." - Pan AM Flight 103

SNP aims to copy energy and banking successes