Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brian Ashcroft

Figures from The Scotsman newspaper 4 September 2007:

Amount Scotland's oil reserves are worth for every man, woman and child in Scotland:


About 50% of Scotland's North Sea oil has so far been extracted. About 50% remains (approximately 43,800,000 barrels)

Amount contributed to Britain's balance sheet by oil and gas £34 billion


Brian Ashcroft, Wendy Alexander's husband, is to step down from his academic post to spend more time with their twins. (The Scotsman - For love of Wendy and their children)

"Professor Brian Ashcroft, policy director of the pro-Union economic think-tank, the Fraser of Allander Institute, was filmed arguing that Scotland would be more prosperous as a separate country than having full tax-raising powers as part of the UK."

Brian Ashcroft is the husband of the current Scottish Labour leader, Wendy Alexander.



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