Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brian Ashcroft

Figures from The Scotsman newspaper 4 September 2007:

Amount Scotland's oil reserves are worth for every man, woman and child in Scotland:


About 50% of Scotland's North Sea oil has so far been extracted. About 50% remains (approximately 43,800,000 barrels)

Amount contributed to Britain's balance sheet by oil and gas £34 billion


Brian Ashcroft, Wendy Alexander's husband, is to step down from his academic post to spend more time with their twins. (The Scotsman - For love of Wendy and their children)

"Professor Brian Ashcroft, policy director of the pro-Union economic think-tank, the Fraser of Allander Institute, was filmed arguing that Scotland would be more prosperous as a separate country than having full tax-raising powers as part of the UK."

Brian Ashcroft is the husband of the current Scottish Labour leader, Wendy Alexander.


Sunday, September 02, 2007


"At Coulport naval base, Strathclyde, on December 3, 1987, a faulty Polaris missile was being unloaded from the submarine HMS Repulse. As it was being locked down on a trailer, a crane hoisted it into the air, causing it to swing wildly and to crash into the trailer supports." - Britain drops nuclear bomb. Fortunately it doesn’t go off

"Bollier spent five days in the witness box at the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands. 'I was a defence witness, but the trial was so skewed to prove Libyan involvement that the details of what I had to say was ignored. A photograph of the fragments was produced in court and I asked to see the pieces again. When they were brought to me, they were practically carbonised. They had been tampered with since I had seen them in Dumfries.'"- Vital Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with'

"Megrahi's wife and children, who live in a house in Newton Mearns on the outskirts of Glasgow, had their belongings loaded into a shipping container yesterday. Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter, Flora, died in the bombing, said: 'If she is going home, a 'done deal' - where Megrahi's repatriation has already been decided - could certainly be a possible interpretation.'" - Lockerbie bomber's family quit Scottish home in sign he could be ...