Thursday, June 07, 2007

Scotland and the UK's biggest act of terrorism

Video: The Corries: Flower of Scotland

"If Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi moves to Libya, this would probably mean the end of his appeal against his 27-year jail sentence. UK and American security agencies would prefer the case not to be reopened publicly."

The Lockerbie Bombing was the biggest act of terrorism in the UK and the CIA does not want people to know who did it.
Lockerbie Bomb - a deal being done - to prevent a ...

Libya to sign $900M oil deal with BP

Salmond concerned by Libya deal

"A JUDICIAL inquiry into the notorious McKie fingerprint case is set to investigate claims that the cover-up over the affair was linked to fears it would scupper the Lockerbie prosecution.Scotland on Sunday can reveal that a full inquiry into the McKie affair has been given the go-ahead by new SNP ministers who have begun discussions about who should head up the potentially explosive probe." -

Some Scottish Art

A Dr Heasman told an inquiry (the Dounreay Inquiry) that the DG7.3 post code area, a little inland from Kirkcudbright, contained the highest excess leukaemia risk (age 0 - 24) of any post code in Scotland.
Depleted Uranium and ill health in the UK and else...

Green plea over leukaemia figures

SNP 'right to reprieve A&Es'

SNP delivers on pledge to save two A&E units marked for closure

Swinney says SNP cuts have saved over £500000

Swinney : The SNP's 'safe hands' out to woo bosses and tax payers

Labour MPs plot to strip Salmond of nuclear veto powers