Monday, May 21, 2007

Tartan Day

"It would appear that this general unease amongst Lib Dem members and supporters isn’t solely isolated to up north but throughout Scotland... The Scottish party is doing Ming’s bidding so he can get a job for himself with Brown. Vote Lib Dem, get Labour (and a job for Ming) is hardly a message to inspire support." - Lib Dem supporters are revolting

The Liberal-Democrat leader opposes a coalition with the SNP. It is time to SACK Menzies Campbell. A majority of Liberal Democrat supporters think Sir Menzies Campbell should be replaced as party leader, according to a poll. - Call for Lib Dems to replace leader
"According to Tomlinson, the former leader of the UK Liberal Democrat party Paddy Ashdown was an officer in MI6." - The spies control the leaders of the political parties?

"While I welcome Alex Salmond's commitment to a judicial inquiry into my daughter's case, can I suggest the remit be widened to provide a total examination of the problems within our justice system as advised by that case, the Lockerbie inquiry and prosecution, and the many other cases where justice is seen to have failed us..." - Remit for inquiry

"Like the balloting in Ukraine, the U.S., Scotland and Mexico, Sarkozy's victory was marred by angry, widespread complaints about dubious vote counts whose discrepancies always seem to favor the rightist candidate." - The Globalization of Electronic Election Theft

Alleged vote fraud in France and Scotland. "Get rid of and destroy fake vote machines...Turnout in the French election was 85%. With large turnouts historically favoring the left in France, the exit polling and actual polling were at odds with the turnout - an indication of massive election fraud. Similar polling irregularities were experienced in recent elections in Scotland, Wales, and England."Election volée (en anglais)

Labour's Neil Kinnock has had been paid £33,000 as a director of the firm responsible for the faulty vote-counting machines in Scotland. Kinnock's £33000 job with computer firm in poll fiasco the Daily ...

Who were the enemies of an independent Scotland? "Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack McConnell, Menzies Campbell, The Daily Record, The Scottish Sun, Sir Alex Ferguson, Tesco, we have beaten them all." News of the World win it for the SNP?

"IN LONDON, there were rumours that Sir Menzies Campbell, the Liberal Democrat leader, had been putting pressure on Mr Stephen not to do a deal with the SNP, and that Gordon Brown was looking for Lib Dem help in stopping Mr Salmond." Weekend of plots, intrigue and a twist - the inside story


Friday, May 04, 2007

Have the Scottish elections been rigged?

"There are fears the national figure for spoilt ballots could exceed 100,000."
Airdrie and Shotts 1,536
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth 803
Dumfries 1,006
Dundee East 913
Dundee West 978
Glasgow Anniesland 1,736
Glasgow Baillieston 1,850
Glasgow Kelvin 1,195
Inverness East 1,249
Motherwell and Wishaw 970
Shettleston 2,035
Argyll and Bute
Livingston and Linlithgow
Perth and Tayside North
Strathkelvin and Bearsden

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why vote SNP ?

Why vote SNP?

Sir George Mathewson, former chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland, pointed out in the Sunday Times, 29 April 2007, that:

(1) "The real story of the last decade... is the phenomenal success of small countries in Europe. Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Luxembourg - all are wealthier now than the UK and are growing faster."

(2) An independent Scotland can continue to trade with England, just as Ireland trades with England. "The market in England is already supplied by companies from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and many others."

(3) "Oil revenues are rising... When Gordon Brown came to office, North Sea revenues were £3 billion - this year they are more than £8 billion... With nearly 30 billion barrels of oil remaining and demand rising, we are not even at the half-way point for revenues..."

(4) Scotland's financial services sector "is excelling, and with a lighter regulatory touch and lower corporation taxation, the sector could grow even more."


The leading Scottish economist Gavin McCrone presented the McCrone Report to the Cabinet office in April 1975. It revealed how North Sea oil could make an independent Scotland as rich as Switzerland.

The McCrone report said:

"The balance of payments gain for Scotland from the North Sea oil would easily swamp the existing deficit whatever its size and transform Scotland into a country with a substantial and chronic surplus - to a quite embarrassing degree and its [Scotland's] currency would become the hardest in Europe, with the exception, perhaps of the Norwegian kroner."

The report continued: "An exchange rate of £1 Scots to 120p sterling within two years of independence, therefore, would seem quite probable.

"An independent Scotland could now expect to have massive surpluses both on its budget and on its balance of payments and with proper husbanding of resources this situation could last for a very long time into the future.

"Britain is now counting so heavily on North Sea oil to redress its balance of payments that it is easy to imagine England in dire straits without it.

"The example of Norwegian policy on government revenue from oil likewise shows up the failure of British [policy]." - ‘Politics of grievance’ have some justification