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Vote SNP

Big names back SNP rural manifesto

Scottish elections - expect massive vote fraud
"A total of 433,000 applications for postal ballots has been received - three times more than at the last Holyrood election in 2003... It is slightly surprising that so many people should have altered their voting practice so suddenly: normally such changes take a long time to bed in. Nearly 15% of the electorate in Dundee have applied for postal votes; that is the kind of phenomenon that raises fears and invites speculation. What is thoroughly
alarming is the fact that this ballot-box revolution is taking place in a relatively uncontrolled, even chaotic, environment. Astonishingly and reprehensibly, there is absolutely no mechanism for checking the authenticity of these postal ballot applications." A threat to democracy

Anyone trust The Herald, now under American ownership (Gannett Corporation)? -THE HERALD TO ISSUE PHONEY POLL

Rise in poverty worse than stated The Declaration of Scotstoun 2007


SNP Party Broadcast - Election 2007 - It's Time

"POLLUTION from the Longannet power station in Fife is killing 690 people every year in Europe, making it one of the continent’s dirtiest and most dangerous industrial plants."

Heavy metal is the fallout from burning Scotland's shit - the Scottish sewage scandal no one wants to talk about

Treasury Officials Contradict Brown on Oil

The CIA and the Lockerbie Bomb

The nephew of UK Home Secretary John Reid has pleaded guilty to possessing two offensive weapons... "James McGowan, 18, was arrested last Saturday outside a social club after a fight broke out. Police searched his VW Golf and found a Marksman knife with a Stanley blade attached to it. He also had a telescopic baton stuffed down his sock... The father-in-law of the Home Secretary's son Mark was arrested in November over a £280,000 drug bust. Ronnie Campbell, 47, was charged after a police swoop in Lanarkshire."

John-Reid, Karadzic, Lobbygate, NHS deficits, Commissioner for Standards, drugs

Scottish elections. How will you vote on May 3?
Conservative 4.4%
Labour 4.9%
LibDem 3.4%
SNP 83.3%
Other 4.0%

Expect massive postal vote fraud in the Scottish elections - Police alert on election fraud

Ghost’ voters threaten to skew elections -



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