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"The question we have to answer is: what should we do? The wrong response, often reflected in the rhetoric of Gordon Brown, is to try to cow or bully Scotland into remaining part of the UK through fear of the economic consequences of going it alone. This will not work. First, supporters of independence will always be able to cite examples of small, independent and thriving economies across Europe such as Finland, Switzerland and Norway. It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another such successful, independent country." - By David Cameron - Scots and English flourish in the Union
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What nation of the UK, currently administered by the Labour and Liberal coalition, has the biggest oil reserves in Europe but still has 1/5 of its children living in poverty? Scotland.

Donald MacDonald of MacDonald Orr Hotels said

“I very much endorse the views of Ben Thomson [chief executive of Noble Group] that independence is an opportunity not a threat. . . Speaking to many people (not only businessmen), their minds are turning to consider the benefits of independence, where previously agnostic or hostile, and are now recognising that Scotland is underperforming and needs cultural change. Though not a party political animal, I feel that the only way to pursue the self-determination issue is to support Alex Salmond in May” (Herald).

Donald MacDonald, Joint Managing Director of MacDonald Orr Hotels, joint chair of Caledonian Brewery, past president of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and a board member of the Edinburgh International Festival.

2. And Professor Alistair Dow of Glasgow Caledonian University analysed the SNP’s ‘Let Scotland Flourish’ proposals, compared to Labour’s ‘Building Prosperity’ document. He said:

“By not even setting a growth target, the Scottish Labour approach seems to be dreadfully lacking in ambition. . .

“Many of the [Let Scotland Flourish] policies seem like a breath of fresh air and can, I believe, improve Scotland’s growth rate. . . To me, the ideas in the SNP paper seem viable and vigorous. . . In my view, the policies of the SNP can improve the economic growth rate in Scotland. Let Scotland Flourish could be the first step to not only matching UK growth, but also surpassing it” (Scotsman).

Alistair Dow, Professor of the Scottish Economy at Caledonian Business School, Glasgow Caledonian University.



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