Friday, March 30, 2007


Glasgow Green
"If Margaret Thatcher taught Scots why we needed devolution, then Tony Blair has taught us why we need independence." Everyone's talking about the SNP!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Britain under New Labour is now even more unequal than it was under Margaret Thatcher with more and more wealth going to the tiny one percent at the top. Since 1997 differences in life expectancy and also in child mortality in different regions have increased too." Adam Curtis' The Trap - A Synopsis - Part 2 BlairwatchThe Trap

UK Budget
"The net result is that some people at the bottom-end are worse off.... The Item Club, a forecasting group, calculates that, due largely to Mr Brown's stealth snatch, the share of household income spent on tax has risen from 33.6 per cent in 1997 to 38.3 per cent last year.... Many state schools are so poor that responsible employers complain of chronic illiteracy levels among 16-year-olds.... As for the health system, it's coughing and spluttering. Hospitals are being closed and nurses sacked" Not a record to be proud of By Jeff Randall, Daily Telegraph, 22 March headline-grabbing budget

Oil services leader prefers SNP to Labour

Tories and SNP back rural fight for services

"Ask yourself what other government anywhere in the world would spend vast amounts of time trying to prove that, on their watch, their country had amassed a huge economic deficit and was incapable of running its own affairs?" Nicola Sturgeon Speech to Spring ConferenceEvans admits honours talk

The SNP Mean Business.....Crawford Beveridge, Tom Farmer and now George Mathewson and Brian Souter ... How did the nationalists win such powerful friends?

‘Even Blair knows independence is a viable option’

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Huge boost

'Sir George Mathewson, the former Royal Bank of Scotland chairman, has given the SNP a huge boost by coming out in support of the party and of independence... The endorsement by Sir George, who helped transform the Royal Bank of Scotland into the world's fifth biggest bank, will play a crucial role in cementing the nationalists' economic credibility.'Salmond plays banker in vital election battle

Who faked the evidence in UK terror trial?

Monday, March 05, 2007


"The Nationalists... described the report's methods as 'absurd', pointing out that it had failed to allocate billions of pounds of North Sea oil revenues to Scotland... 'Only this week, the world-ranking economist Professor Andrew Hughes Hallett scotched the myth of the subsidised Scot.' SNP finance chiefs themselves insist that, far from being in deficit, Scots are currently subsidising the rest of the UK, thanks to the increase in tax receipts caused by rising oil prices."Economists say independence would cost Scots billions"

Mr Salmond... pointed to the support of business leaders such as Crawford Beveridge, vice president of American computer firm Sun Microsystems, Kwik-Fit founder Sir Tom Farmer, Ben Thomson, the chief executive of investment bank Noble, and Bill Samuel, former RBS economist. He added: 'The growing numbers in the business community who are positive about the SNP and independence shows support is gathering ground significantly. And poll information indicating an SNP lead among AB voters, as well as every other category, points to very substantial business support."' Murray condemns independence plan

Lockerbie - time to make Iran the scapegoat?

"Scotland is on the verge of delivering a massive blow to the Labour Party, with consequences that will be far reaching for the British State, NATO and the world order in terms of the ‘special relationship’." The growing Scottish Independence movement