Monday, December 04, 2006

The Bologna Bomb 1980, Gladio, terrorism in Europe


Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, states that Scotland has the highest unemployment in Britain. He blames the union with England. Salmond says that independence would create 11,500 jobs and extra GDP worth £375m a year. Edinburgh would become a real capital city and Glasgow would develop radio, television and film industries. Aberdeen would become the centre of Europe’s oil and gas industry. The land of Adam Smith and Andrew Carnegie could be the new Switzerland. LORD Fraser of Carmyllie, the Conservative former lord advocate, has said that he believes Scotland could flourish as an independent country. The Scottish peer is the highest-profile Unionist politician to voice his belief that Scotland could go it alone. Fraser: Scotland could go it alone

"Scotland has 8.6% of the total UK population yet contributes 10.41% of all government taxes, Duties and revenues. In effect Scotland is subsidising the rest of the UK. Also we are totally self sufficient in the production of Foodstuffs and Energy. We have the 5th largest financial centre in Europe which can only prosper further once released from the shackles of the Bank of England. We have masses of natural resources to exploit, Water being one of them. In fact the prospects for Scotland are so good that the Unionists do not want to let the Scottish cash cow go. Indeed the only financial instability is likely to be felt in the rest of the UK after Scotland gains her independence. Scotland has a small balance of payments surplus not a UK wide £35 billions deficit." Niall. Separatism would put Scotland over a barrel

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