Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Harvard, supports independence for Scotland

Niall Ferguson is professor of history at Harvard University. He is one of the World's top people.

He now supports independence for Scotland.

Unionist academic throws weight behind independence

Ferguson says that Scotland’s “dismal” progress since devolution has made him give up on unionism.

Ferguson, presenter of a new history of the 20th century series for Channel 4, entitled The War of the World, says he believes that the 1707 Act of Union between England and Scotland should now be repealed.

Ferguson says:

“Devolution gives Scots the illusion of self-government but not the reality of it. The parliament is essentially a glorified council and cannot flourish while it acts as a mere channel for aid from England.

“I now find myself feeling that independence would be preferable to this halfway house we have at the moment.

“Ireland and some of the east European countries like Estonia are showing that small countries which embrace economic liberalism can thrive.”

Ferguson believes that an independent Scotland can flourish if it changes its economic policies.

Ferguson attacks the socialist model of state intervention and hand-outs.

“There is a kind of dead hand gripping hold of Scotland at the moment."



Blogger Laclos said...

thats about right.
My dad mentions that he sees bridges, buildings and other impressive structures with Scotish names upon them and yet the Scottish Parlament building is already falling apart! The cuurent malaise, I personally think, is due to current leadership or mismanagment.

1:36 PM  

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