Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The following letter appeared in The Herald, 12 October 2005:

Brian Anderson (Letters, October 11) touches a very raw nerve with his ominous question, "What will become of Scotland when the oil is gone?" and "we become a liability to England," suggesting that England may well insist on its own independence from us.

I was reminded of a fascinating article in The Herald on obscure words from around the world.

The Pascuense inhabitants of Easter Island apparently had the word "tingo", meaning to borrow objects from a friend's house until there is nothing left.

Scotland is in the process is being systematically "tingo-ed" as many recent reports on Scotland's oil, Scotland's coastline and, more recently, the treachery of Glasgow being used as a pawn by Westminster (October 10) to negotiate the location of the European police centre to prosperous Hampshire.

We are a disgracefully apathetic and timid nation that cannot even respond to the revelation of the shocking oil cover-up to remove two Labour politicians at the recent by-elections.

Nigel Dewar Gibb, Glasgow.



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