Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The good news on the economy


Quotes from an article entitled 'Window of opportunity' by RON CLARK, October 25 2005.

"Scotland has doubled its GDP in 35 years, it has a world-class earner in the whisky industry, tourism is thriving, there are high quality jobs in engineering, shipbuilding and aerospace, financial services are solid and our banks are punching well above their weight on the world stage...

"Scotland's industrial zenith was in 1913, when the Clyde dominated world shipping. But a changing landscape of new consumer industries which were location, rather than resource-orientated saw Scotland's per capita GDP slip to 90% of the UK's by the fifties. By the mid-nineties, however, GDP was ahead of the UK – a "significant, second-wind recovery...fuelled by foreign investment, financial services and North Sea oil."



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